Beaufort County is growing at a fast pace. Tab’s 30 years in public education as well as her involvement in Sun City’s governance for almost ten years gives her a unique and valuable perspective on how to benefit from growth and minimize its challenges.

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County leadership should be community focused, accessible and transparent. Tab is not a career politician and as our Council member, we won’t get political answers; just no nonsense solutions that are in the best interests of Beaufort County.

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County government should set the example, modeling what an efficient and effective government can achieve. As our Council member, Tab will ensure that we commit to a strategic plan that addresses the challenges presented by continued County growth.

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We Endorse Tab for Council

Tom Davis

SC State Senator

Weston Newton

SC House Representative

Bill Herbkersman

SC House Representative

PJ Tanner

Beaufort County Sheriff

TAB can be trusted to do the right thing and the best she can, at all times. Her leadership in Sun City and in our County has been outstanding, and I am so proud to vote for her as my Council member. Vote for TAB Tabernik on November 8, 2022.


November 8, 2022 ​- General Election

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