Live, Work, Play

A study done in February of 2022, notes that Beaufort County is the 8th fastest growing county in all of South Carolina, making it, overall, the 10th largest county in the state. We are a mecca for tourism, fun and sun while also providing families with a great place to thrive and grow.


Embracing the opportunities of growth in the area, both residential and business, while resolving challenges that can then be turned into opportunities for our county is an important goal. The many impacts of "growth" in a community will need to be addressed regarding infrastructure, storm water management, traffic congestion, access to medical personnel/facilities, public safety, emergency management, preservation of critical lands, and increases in school population, as well as maintaining the overall culture of our area. 

I will be committed to embracing opportunities presented by growth that enables our residents to "Live, Work, Play" in Beaufort County.


A Strategic Plan is a roadmap to the future that helps the County move forward with clarity of direction. Coucil must be focused on what we need to achieve and how to get it done. Our core values must establish what we stand for as a community and why we do what we do. Working to successfully plan and implement projects to address transportation issues throughout the county such as those related to the 278 corridor, Rte. 170 from Beaufort City to the Rte. 46 circle, and other congested arteries. Safety on the roads should be a priority. Working with SCDOT, and surrounding municipalities is important and necessary for success.

Focusing on the future helps us to prioritize efforts, effectively allocate resources, and ensure decisions are backed by data and sound reasoning. On County Council, my commitment to residents is to maintain a forward-focused vision that best serves our residents. 


Strong county governance should involve transparency, fiscal accountability, strong communication, and participation by constituents. Leadership is essential in any government and community. Leaders must have a clear vision of the future and align all decisions with this vision, supporting a culture conducive to success. County Council is charged with setting policies through which government operates. Effective communication with residents is essential, as is county employees to effectively do their jobs.  

I am committed to utilizing my organizational skills and devoting my passion to being a lowcountry leader for our district and county. I promise to take resident feedback to Council and push for initiatives that support our ability to live, work and play in the lowcountry.


What makes Beaufort County so desirable? Our rich history, the Gullah culture, the beautiful lands, small town charm, access to beaches, “the sound of freedom” with planes flying overhead and, on average, over 216 sunny days per year. Population in the county is growing as job opportunities and quality of life draw families and retirees to our community. The hospitality industry is very important here, and attainable workforce housing needs to be a focus of county and regional efforts. Part of enjoyable living in Beaufort County relies on competitive wages, reasonable property tax rates, solid budgeting practices and an eye toward collecting revenue from multiple sources.


November 8, 2022 ​- General Election

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